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Castaway Islands

Framed by the Atlantic Ocean, some 500 kilometres off the coast of Senegal, the Cape Verde islands are causing quite a stir on the travel scene. Still untouched by the masses, they’ve got plenty going for them – huge swathes of creamy-white beach and year-round sun pretty much guaranteed.


One of the big names in these parts is Sal. The island’s biggest draw is the beach – miles of white sand backed by Sahara-like dunes and chilled-out beach bars. The diving’s great here, too, with caves, shipwrecks and rainbow-bright reefs. Back on dry land, you’ve got the cobbled streets and candy-coloured buildings of Santa Maria to explore.

Boa Vista

South of Sal lies Boa Vista. Its lunar landscape has earned it the nickname ‘island of dunes’, and, like Sal, it’s all about the beach here. There are 22 kilometres of ice-white sand, along with waters that make great whale and turtle-spotting territory.

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