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Holidays in Cyprus (Larnaca Area)

For a family friendly holiday in Cyprus, Larnaca is a great destination to consider. Offering beautiful weather, a wealth of amenities and most importantly a beautiful beach, Larnaca offers a little something for everyone. For those seeking a relaxing holiday there is a gorgeous beach, so long that you’ll always find a space to call your own for a few hours. Families will find a selection of activities which are sure to captivate the children and those looking to party will surely appreciate the varied nightlife supplied in Larnaca.

Ayia Napa is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer season, mostly from Western and Northern Europe. In the summer the resort attracts mainly two types of people; young singles usually under 25 years old who are attracted by the Ayia Napa’s reputation of nightlife and party center. They are coming to experience the Napa lifestyle and usually they have their best time ever. The other type of tourists are couples and families with children who are visiting the resort mainly because of the perfect weather and sandy beaches. With more than fifty bars and ten nightclubs Ayia Napa deservedly is named party capital of Europe along with Ibiza.

Still known to many as Limassol, Lemesos is one of Cyprus’ most underrated cities. Although fringed on its eastern edge by a glut of bland-looking developments with its eye firmly on the tourism industry, the core of this city is full of character. Wrapped around the dinky castle, the central old town radiates out in a squiggle of lanes where old shuttered houses and modern boutiques both squeeze themselves into the fray. It’s an area buzzing with cafes, bars and restaurants that are as popular with locals as they are with visitors.

Protaras the tourist area of Paralimni, is one of the loveliest areas of Cyprus extending along the eastern coast of Paralimni. To be precise, Protaras is the name of a picturesque bay with crystal-clear waters, white-gold sand and a small island about 100 metres from the beach. This bay is known to foreigners as the Fig Tree Bay.

Larnaca Area - Theme Parks and Attractions

Many of the traditional holiday pursuits are offered in Larnaca, including water sports at the beach, golf and more than enough shopping to keep you occupied. But that isn’t all Larnaca has to offer, with an amusement park sure to delight the children and the big kids with roller coasters, go karting and bouncy castles, located just outside of Larnaca. For the younger children, who aren’t interested in thrilling rides, the Camel Park might be a perfect family day out. The delights here include camel rides, swimming and a small animal area called Noahs Ark.

Larnaca Area – General Information

During the day Larnaca has much to offer the holidaymaker and every hour could be kept occupied if you wanted it to. The beach is of course the centre of the resort and you can choose to either relax on the sands, soaking up the sun or swim the azure seas which are perfect for children and amateur swimmers and the sand does not shelve at all. For those looking for activity at the beach there are a number of water sports available including snorkelling and scuba diving as well as some other activities.

Lining the beach there are a number of bars and restaurants offering both traditional and international food, sure to have everyone full and contented in no time. The centre of town is a great place to spend a couple of hours as there are a number of shops and markets, which are perfect for finding a bargain for yourself or for your loved ones.

The activity in Larnaca during the evenings is just as exciting and depending on what sort of evening you require you’re sure to find something to suit your needs. For those seeking a quiet evening there are some quiet bars, offering a selection of drinks with no loud music making conversation impossible or alternatively you can go to one of the busier bars which sometimes feature live music and otherwise play popular music of the moment. For those who want a long night there are even a selection of nightclubs which are happy to keep you entertained all night. 

Cyprus is fortunate to have one of the most agreeable climates in Europe , with 11 out of 12 months a year enjoying brilliant sunshine. 

Very cool, cotton clothes are recommended for the hot summer months. Jackets and light sweaters  may be required for the evenings during May and June, September and October, and warm clothes are worn during the winter months. 

Do not forget your sunglasses while in Cyprus . They are indispensable due to the intense brightness of the sunshine.

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