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Holidays in Madeira

A popular holiday destination for those seeking some much needed relaxation, Madeira is a fantastic place for holidaymakers who want to experience the welcoming atmosphere, impressive amenities and fantastic weather. Those looking to relax during their break will find plenty to accommodate them, including such joys as hot air balloon rides, fishing and a boat excursion to the nearby Porto Santo which boasts a heavenly sandy beach, perfect for topping up your tan and tuning out the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Relaxation isn’t the only thing available in Madeira however, as there are plenty of memory making activities within your grasp, such as dolphin and whale watching and scuba diving. The evenings too have much to offer visitors, including beautiful foods making great use of the freshly caught fish and local produce.

Of course your dinner should be accompanied by Madeira wine, which is a speciality. Evening entertainment is not as readily available as in other European holiday destinations but the large hotels boast a number of weekly shows which are available to the public, a few cocktail bars and the very occasional nightclub.

Madeira – Attractions

Madeira offers many activities designed to keep guests of all tastes entertained. Madeira is fast becoming a popular water sport destination, with scuba diving offering the chance to see dolphins, rays and barracudas. For another water based adventure, why not try the Santa Maria, a replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship, which cruises around the South coast of Madeira.

Families visiting Madeira are also well catered for with an exciting water park to entertain those looking for thrills, spills and exhilaration. Children have their own swimming pool to paddle in, while the more adventurous visitors can experience the slides, lazy river and toboggan rides.

Back on dry land why not try the Monte Toboggan Ride, which covers a course of 2 kilometres, a perfect and rather unique way to travel.

Madeira – Resort Guides

Funchal is the liveliest resort in Madeira, providing visitors with a lively city to keep them occupied every minute of their holiday. Days are full of activities and everything is within easy reach, including a wealth of restaurants, bars and shops. The lively harbour is the hub of the resort with boats leaving regularly for nearby islands or lazy trips around the coast. Walking the streets of Funchal is an activity in itself, as the cobbled pavements are a perfect place from which to spot the architecture and enjoy the smell of tropical blooms which perfume the sultry air. Though not teaming with nightlife, Funchal does offer a few late night establishments, where you’ll find an exciting cocktail and live music or dancing.

For a more relaxed holiday, the quieter resorts of Garajau, Canico and Santa Cruz may be more to your taste. Offering great hotels, large swimming pools and a couple of welcoming restaurants, souvenir shops and bars, these resorts are perfect for those who want to pick a spot and stay there, working on their tans and getting immersed in a good book. 

Madeira Weather

Autumn: September, October, November 
Autumn arrives gently in September, and the weather is still warm and sunny in October and November, although there is a chance of rain, with about seven rainy days, an average that is quite low for this time of year when compared to other places. Temperatures average between 23 ºC and 17 ºC, which is actually better than the English summer. So this is still a great time to come to Madeira for those who prefer a quieter experience. 

Winter: December, January, February
It’s a bit hard to actually talk about winter in Madeira, as in Madeira it’s always summer. During these months average temperatures only drop by approximately 4 °C. So, during the day in Funchal it’s around 20 ºC and at night it’s usually above 14 ºC. Thus, this temperature range is particularly appealing to northern European tourists, who seek Madeira as a winter sun destination. In terms of rain, the average continues to be some rain on seven days per month in December and January, with a slight improvement to six days in February. Keep in mind that Madeira grows bananas during the winter.

Spring: March, April, May
With the arrival of spring, days get longer, rainfall tends to be lower and temperatures start increasing in April and May. By this time, the whole island is in bloom, attracting more and more tourists, eager to discover the great outdoors in this sunny piece of paradise.

Summer: June, July, August
Thanks to its great weather, this island is particularly popular among tourists during the summer months. Temperatures average at a maximum of 24 °C and a minimum of 17 °C, so the nights are really pleasant and it’s comfortably warm during the day (although temperatures can get up to around 33 °C when the east wind coming from the Sahara desert blows for a few days). During these months it rains very little. In fact, in July and August it might not even rain at all, except high in the mountains, and we get some rain only by the end of September.

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