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Holidays in Malta

An island full of history and archaeology, Malta is a fabulous holiday destination for a romantic break or a family holiday full of fun. Malta offers much for the holidaymaker, including amenities, plenty of sightseeing and of course fantastic weather. Visitors to Malta can choose to either relax on a beach in the sunshine or fill their days with trips to monuments, museums and idyllic islands.

Two islands may be of particular interest and are reachable by ferry and sea plane, the first being Gozo which offers temples and caves which are picture perfect. The second island, Comino, is known for its Blue Lagoon, where the film Troy was filmed. The lagoon offers beautiful clear waters where you can swim lazily for hours on end.

Though the island as a whole doesn’t offer much in the way of evening entertainment there are some resorts which have a few late night bars and nightclubs. The restaurants are fantastic in Malta, offering both traditional and international cuisine so everyone will be happy and contented by the end of the evening.

Though Malta offers no theme parks for your enjoyment it provides more than enough to make up for it. For family friendly days out you might want to visit the Splash and Fun Water Park, which is full of slides and a pools to splash in, the park also provides visitors with a number of non water based activities including salsa, volleyball and aerobics. Another day of fun can be found at Popeye Village which is where the film was made. The park features many of the sets from the film and the children can even test their acting skills in a scene from the movie, definitely something they’ll enjoy.

Malta also offers the traditional holiday activities too, including golf and water sports on the beach. For an extra special day you can try horseback riding, scuba diving and even swimming with dolphins which is sure to delight visitors of all ages. Malta is also a great destination for scuba diving enthusiasts as the crystal clear waters are conducive for beautiful hours spent meeting the marine life of Malta.

Bugibba, the most well known resort in Malta is fantastic for a fun filled holiday. Lazy days can be spent on the shingle beach either lazing in a lounger or partaking in a number of water sports guaranteed to get the adrenaline flowing. Your evenings are full of delight too with a selection of restaurants happy to feed you delectable food. Having eaten your fill you can make you way to the clubs and bars of Bugibba which are happy to host you for the night, allowing you to strut yourself on the dance floor.

Another resort which might appeal to you is St Julians, which offers a number of bars, restaurants and cafes full of tasty morsels for your enjoyment. During the day you could travel over to the neighbouring resort of St George’s Bay where a beach complete with water sports is to be found. The evenings can be spent in the clubs or even having a flutter at the casino.

St Pauls Bay is a popular resort for a great holiday and it provides a number of good restaurants and bars, perfect for spending an afternoon in the sunshine whilst enjoying a refreshing drink.

Valletta the capital of Malta is a cosmopolitan resort offering a busy harbour where a number of trendy boutiques and chic bars can be found. You could also enjoy your lunch in one of the harbour side cafes, enjoying traditional Maltese food. 

Malta’s weather and climate are strongly influenced by the sea and have a very characteristic Mediterranean flavour, similar to that found in southern Italy or southern Greece.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with hot, dry summers, warm and sporadically wet autumns, and short, cool winters with adequate rainfall. Nearly three-fourths of the total annual rainfall of about 600 millimetres (24 inches) falls between October and March; June, July, and August are normally quite dry.

The temperature is very stable, the annual mean being 18 and the monthly averages ranging from 12 to 31. Winds are strong and frequent; the most common are the cool north-westerly (majjistral), the dry north-easterly (grigal, or gregale), and the hot humid southeasterly (xlokk, or sirocco). The relative humidity is consistently high and rarely falls below 40%.

Winters are mild with only rare occurrences of cold weather brought by north and north-east winds from central Europe. In fact, daytime winter temperatures almost never fall below 10, while night-time winter temperatures never fall below 0. Hence, snow never falls in Malta. Sometimes it gets rather windy for up to 3 days with strong gale force winds blowing either from the north-west (Malta’s most common wind) or from the north-east bringing days of miserable stormy weather. Most of Malta’s rainfall falls during autumn and winter, mostly from thunderstorms which make up most of the rainfall from September to December. It is usually mild in Malta during the winter, with plenty of sunshine, too, with daytime temperatures usually 15 or above and sometimes also around 20.

Summers are warm, dry and very sunny. The weather usually shows signs of warming up in April, heralding in a long spell of hot, dry weather. It rarely rains from April to August. July and August are Malta’s hottest months with daytime temperatures usually above 30 and quite often also above.

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